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Vforacause is a non-profit organization that is helping children through art projects.

Vforacause was founded by Vasilis Athanasiadis.

Children that suffer from a life-threatening disease or a disability are being helped by his art projects, music projects, or selling apparel and supporting them with funds for their medical treatment. 100% of the funds are every year being donated for.

He was born in Germany and since 2012 is living and working there. Vasilis is seeing art as a form of activism. His art projects are helping children in need around the world, and together with other artists and the power of people is trying to make a change.

His dedication and target are to help as much people as he can around the work, collaborating with people for the art and the music scene. Artists like Jr, Lenny Kravitz, Prophets of Rage, DEEP PURPLE, and many others are helping his mission go further and higher!

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