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Anastasia Triantafyllaki #anastasiathestrongfairy

  Little Anastasia, just before her seventh birthday, woke up in a very bad dream. All of a sudden she was diagnosed with the most aggressive form of childhood cancer - also known as DIPG - Diffuse Brainstem Glioma - and a very unfavorable prognosis. She was hospitalized at the Children's Oncology Hospital "Elpida" where after all the necessary examinations she was faced with the harshest reality. The doctors gave Anastasia 6 months to live. Xenia and Elias, as any mother and father would do in their place, looked everywhere for similar cases to that of Anastasia’s and with a glimmer of hope discovered a clinic in Houston, Texas, USA with great specialization in this disease.   Conversations with patients who have succeeded give them tremendous courage for the struggle ahead. Anastasia, instead of being in second grade of elementary with her friends and teachers who love her so much, is travelling to Houston as soon as possible. The cost is unbearable, it will reach $800,000 but when there is hope and humanity nothing is impossible.

After i saw Anastasias case on the media, i immediately started an effort raising money. I uploaded an ad on EBAY small ads that I am painting anything and soon people started to enquire. The first person that contacted me ordered a large painting 120x180 without knowing me and without knowing what was about to happen!

This person was Ali N. a Libanese owner of a company based in Wuppertal. After i told him that all the money i get from this painting will be donated for helping a child in Greece Ali responded with such an enthusiasm and happily said with his heart that he was once in Greece and loved it, back in the days before the start of his career in Germany. He said: "Greeks are very kind people with a temperament similar to Libanese".


"Once again peoples love won. Be kind, be helpful, embrace humanity and solidarity. Love and help can come from anywhere"



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