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"Prophets of Rage-Who owns who?" official  video created to support little

Chrissi Chalkia

Little Chrissi Halkia from Thessaloniki was born on 27 March 2017 and was diagnosed with total abnormal pulmonary vein Extubation, a rare and very difficult heart disease.  


The supergroup Prophets of Rage wanted to release an animation video on March 2018 which I was asked to do. The group consists members of the legendary Rage against the machine, Public Enemy and Cypress Hill, and the album cover was made by my all time favourite artist Shepard Fairey. I worked two months to prepare the video and it was released on March 22nd five days before little Chrissis birthday! This was one of the projects I will always remember because I designed, edited and made an official video for the first time in my life to support my cause. Knowing that all these great artists I admired worked for this album, made me admire them even more for their philanthropy and also feel special because as a team we once again helped people. This gave me a lot of courage and strength to continue my cause!

All the proceeds of the video were given to the family of Chrissi Chalkia for her further medical treatment.


Whoever wishes to help ChrissiChalkia, the bank account is: NATIONAL BANK, Beneficiary Aiivizidou Maria, Account No. : 264 / 653264-08 IBAN: GR5301102640000026465326408
Contact details of parents: Maria Avazidou 6988163716, Achilleas Chalkias 6974528352

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