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December 30, 2017

#vforacause is a non-profit action designed to raise money for the care of our fellow human beings in need. This effort lasted until 31.12.2017. The aim of this effort was the financial help of Aspasia, Angelos, Giorgos and Myrtos.
Four young children who gave and give their own daily battle together with their families at a rehabilitation center in Larissa Greece. Their expenses are enormous and the state absent. Aspasia was shot in the head by her father in Argos, Angel was electrocuted while cleaning the yard of his home in Athens, from a bare wire of an adjacent cleaning room, George had a serious accident with his motorcycle as delivery-boy in Katerini, and Myrto fell victim to rape and abuse in Paros.

Their accounts for those who want to help them regardless of the #vforacause action are:

Aspasia Bogri - Piraeus Bank / Account Number: 5500-020-225-972
Beneficiary: Spyridoula Fatourou

Angelos Ladas - National Bank / Account Number: 328-001505-94
Beneficiary: Ladas Marios Michael

Giorgos Ioannidis - National Bank / Account Number: 373-003418-58,
Iban: GR8601103730000037300341858
Beneficiary: Ioannidou Maria (sister of Giorgos) Contact number: 6980722881

Myrto Kotrotsou - National Bank / Account Number: 150/0276 2274
Beneficiary of Kotrosu Maria

All proceeds from #vforacause will be deposited to the families of our fellow human beings.

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