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Chrissi Chalkia

Little Chrissi Halkia from Thessaloniki was born on 27 March 2017 and was diagnosed with total abnormal pulmonary vein extubation, a rare and very difficult heart disease. He was hurriedly transferred to the Hagia Sophia Children's Hospital and on 12/4/2017 she underwent an open-heart surgery and since then is hospitalized in the emergency unit due to lung damage (heavy bronchial pulmonary dysplasia and pulmonary hypertension) caused by heart disease. Underwent in a tracheostomy surgery and is dependent on a ventilator. The little child, although the doctors did not give her much hope to overcome, already counts 1 year and her doctors are very optimistic, but her recovery will be long and costly. Chrissi needs a portable snorkel (cost of € 850), a humidifier (cost of € 350), a suction device (cost of € 300), an oximeter (cost of € 200) and many more consumables per month. A part of these machines are covered from the insurance fund, one rest is required by parents, and the rest of them are not covered by the insurance fund. Maria and Achilles have left their jobs in Thessaloniki and are in Athens next to Chrissi due to the increased care she needs and they are now in dire economic straits.


Whoever wishes to help Chrissi Chalkia, the bank account is: NATIONAL BANK, Beneficiary Aiivizidou Maria, Account No. : 264 / 653264-08 IBAN: GR5301102640000026465326408
Contact details of parents: Maria Avazidou 6988163716, Achilleas Chalkias 6974528352

Total Funds Raised: 1830€
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