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Little Spyros Dragkas


Little Spyros is 18 months old and suffers from retinoblastoma in both eyes. At 8 months of age, the disease was diagnosed at the AHEPA Hospital of Thessaloniki. Because his illness is rare and could not be dealt with in Greece, the hospital arranged for his young date on 14/2/18 in Siena, Italy (Santa Maria alle Scotte). There it was decided to treat it, which consists of 6 cycles of systemic therapies along with special therapies that were made directly to the eyes. This happened for 1 year, and now Spyros has to continue his treatments at a Swiss hospital. Since the costs of family transportation, stay and subsistence are many, lets all help Spyros to continue and make the travels and his therapies.

For those who want, can contact their parents in the following telephone numbers: Dragkas Nikos +306909016602, Milathianakis Rafaela +306986590279. 

All raised proceeds from the t-shirts of #vforacause was be given in favor of Little Spyros on 30.06.2019


Whoever wishes to help Spyros Dragkas, his parents Bank account is:



IBAN : GR1501407310731002310003209,

and National Bank of Greece,


IBAN : GR7001101400000014061743291 

The deposit should in the upper bank accounts should have the reason "financial support for health emergency" or "donation". 

Total Funds Raised: 655,43€
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